Wow EagleTac 3XAA newcomer!

“Runtime: 1.5/2.8/8.5/28/200+ hours (1x18650), 0.8/1.5/5/17/140 hours (2xCR123A)”

If it is a 3xAA light they should fix this in the specs. Otherwise it looks like a high quality product.

Check the pics…Definetely a 3XAA light. But does it output what they say it does on 3AA…hum hum

Interesting that it runs on 3xAA, but it is ugly IMO and expensive.

Wrong sub-forum, and yes it is expensive.

That ugly white bezel.
It uses squared AA cells :D "3xAA2"

I rather wait for the 2nd gen lumintop arrange by rey

That ugly white bezel doubles as a lantern function. Very cool in my opinion. Definitely interested in seeing more reviews on these new eag tacs.

The price seems a bit high…. but I am intrigued with the lantern function or diffuser portion.

1+ Kinda ugly.