Wow, new mini AAA flashlight (a bit "rare" desing) at intl-outdoor

mmm seems a bit big to use AAA.

Also, very estrange desing, what a clip desing. And, that is a GITD oring near the front?. Also seems not to be high quality, seems a bit "mxdl"...

Not expensive


- No photo of the led

- No info about modes

- No info about lenght and width

Far from strange, that clip design is for deep pocket carry so no part no part of the flashlights is visible or sticks out of your pocket. Just like these 4Sevens ones.

mmm yes, but still a bit "rare" for me. I am trying to getting more photos and info on google, but no success

A bit reminiscent of the Maratac Extreme AAA.

Cool find.

It doesn't look like the Maratac Extreme AAA, pictured here:

If any of you finds more info feel free to post here... because it is cheap... and maybe good candidate for edc if it really has a well driven cree led


I didn't state that it looked alike, merely that it was reminiscent.

AAA, thrower-style head, tailstands....all similar features.

Edit: thanks for the pics. I forgot how cool that wee torch was.

If that clip is reversible that would be great .

It is a 2 way clip

After inquiring it has only 1 mode.
I was considering adding it to my basket, but after inquiring didnt do it.

he didnt have enough time to update the info, but I guess he will do it soon!

That Maratac itself looks more than a little reminiscent of a Mini Maglite with a “belt” added below the head and some reliefs cut into the head.

That's almost exactly what I was gonna post. It definitely has the mini mag look going on. That's immediately what I thought when I was browsing the new products on intl-outdoor this morning.

That it is far from mini mag look.

Weird. That's not what I remember seeing but I can't find it on their site anymore. I already got it mixed up with the Maratac.

Okay, you win.

That’s far from the light we were comparing it to. We were comparing it not to the one from IOS but to the Maratac Extreme AAA you yourself posted…

And yes, it does indeed look a hell of a lot like an AA MiniMag. ;)

ordered one !

Oh, this is the photo that originally caught my attention as seeing similarities to a Mini Mag. It's just because of the angle and shadowing is all. Of course it's not the same design. That's just the image that immediately popped into my head when I saw it.