WOW what have i been missing

well G’day all , my Convoy L6 rolled up today and I just got back from down the lake for a bit of a test with it and my olight triton
and all I can say is what have i been missing the few years .
this light rocks and even though the other 6 lights I have in the mail are nothing the size of this one I am sure I will be impressed
to , I just have one thing to pick on and that is the tail switch it makes it a two handed light if it was just the side switch it would be
a very nice and balanced light to switch on and use from the getgo .
beam shots are crap as we have a 20kn breeze here ATM so the haze is very bad so I will have to wait till it clears up as the wind is
running in off the ocean .
cheers D

I don’t have the L6, but isn’t there 2 switches? And isn’t the tailcap switch a master lockout switch, with the one upfront used to change modes?
Like I said, I don’t have one, you do, so you would know.

yep …………. but 2 up front or just one would have been better and made it more balanced to use

I would have liked if the L6 had no tail switch, too, but you can’t have everything. Maybe Simon will someday launch an L6+ with a reverse clicky or electronic switch on the side.

yes it is still a very good torch

This lights only been out about 6 months. It’s fairly new. So you haven’t missed much.

It can be a 1 handed light, you just have to get used to it and develop new ways to hold it.

If your used to Maglites where you hold it in the balanced middle behind the head then you might check out the new Thorfire S70s and Eagle Eye X9. They are very similar lights to the L6, but they let you turn the lights on and off with the side switch.