Wrist watches. Post pics, if you EDC one!

There is a saying on several of the watch forums I frequent, “Friends don’t let friends buy Invicta”. That said, when I first got into the hobby, I did enjoy them. They were gateway watches, similar to the cheaper flashlights that used to excite us.

I have used this app or a similar one and I agree it is very cool.

It uses the phone microphone to listen to the beats. It can calculate the beat frequency. It does a live graph of the beats vs time so you can also see if it is in or out of beat (equal time between the ticks).

Yeah they were looking cool at that time and I like big watches. I used to have 3 invicta watches, one of them is automatic and the rest are big sporty type. Sold them all about 4 years ago.

Great shot! Nicely done.

The app is great, but it still requires a lot of work just to get the timing right with one’s usage pattern though.

Thanks mate. I was just showing off the A6 to the G-SHOCK mobs over at watchuseek forum. They seem to like maglites, so I thought it was a good idea to get BLF more exposure.

Actually, this is my real desk combo… Well, at least for now :smiley:

  • GWM-5610-1 + factory combi-bracelet
  • Jetbeam EC-R26
  • 1957 Pelikan 400NN fountain pen


I regulated mine in real time with the case back opened, took 10 minutes to get it spot on (was gaining 8 seconds a day before), i was lucky that the Seagull movment in my Parnis is apparently little impacted by the wear pattern, i loose 1 second during the day wether i wear it or i leave it on it’s back, at night i put it on it’s face where it gains a second, i’m still in the same second than when i started the experiment on october 2, 80$ watch, mind blown.

Another great shot. I have a feeling you might be a photography fan.
I’m a great fan of watches and fountain pens both. I’ve successfully managed to stay off of any forum related to them. Otherwise I wouldn’t have any moneys left :wink:

i like the seikos with the big dots and hands, diver watches!

i have to have quartz though for the alarms and stopwatches


Seiko does something in the spirit, the SNA225

Wow! very nice James :slight_smile:

A little story that i believe is a testament to the timeless design of the Seiko SKX and it’s perceived quality, a few month back i decided i needed my first SKX, i prefer medium size watches and ordered the medium sized SKX013, although not minuscule at 38mm it looked extremely girly on my medium/small wrist, much more than even smaller dress watches, not feeling confortable with my choice i decided to send it back, in the process of packing it up a lady had a glimpse of it, a lady that hates jewelry and watches, never wears one, never wanted one (those that were offered to her as present whatever the style or price bracket went right in box), this lady fell instantly in love with the SKX013 and wouldn’t let me send it back, she has been wearing it everyday for months now on diverse natos and perlons.

I didn’t order the SKX007 but was pleasantly surprised to find it among my birthday presents early this month, the size is just perfect.

You can see on this picture that the seconds hands are totally different and the minutes and hours hand slightly different.

Today i received the SRP481 “snow mini monster”, very cool, mesmerizing watch (it even has a display case back) , unlike the nickname suggest it has a very “summery” water sports vibe, it is at the very top end of the heft i would consider wearable.

4R36 movement is windable and hacking, a very nice step up from the 7S26 in the SKX.

James, looks great! I’m a huge Seiko fan. This one really rocks!

I’m a “cheap” watch guy and I buy watches mostly for their looks. A good movement is also a must of course, but I’m not into luxury or classic watches.

Last week I saw a deal that I couldn’t pass and got this Bulova Precisionist Chronograph with SS bracelet, I used to wear a standard model with silicone bracelet for years and was very happy with it. This one sports the same Japanese quartz movement but now operates at 262khz, supposedly the fastest quartz movement in the world. The 1/1000 chronograph is impressive to look at, not the most useful being in an analog but very impressive nonetheless.

The weight is as substantial as it looks, from my experience with the old model the ion-plated finish is somewhat durable but not quite as my Victorinox swiss army alpnach with PVD. One of the most attractive feature of the bulova is the curved crystal but it also means easier to scratch.

Oh and the price? I paid $209 on an ebay deal but it’s currently on amazon for $249. The blue needle version costs almost twice as much, not sure why.

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This one is a JDM exclusive, the Citizen Attesa CB0120-55E, it’s a radio controlled quartz eco-drive (solar) world time, all titanium with a Duratech coating and a sapphire crystal, very light, feels great on the wrist, sorry for the crappy pic and the lint, doesn’t do the watch justice.

Lume shot next to the SKX007 :