WTB 1000 lumen HP550 Coast (costco)


i would like to buy a Coast HP550 LED light either new or used.

Free bump for you in the hope that someone here has one to spare… but Ebay and Amazon have them if you’re desperate.

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I appreciate the insight, i did see those prices on both sites before posting here, but i am not willing to pay twice what they charged one year ago for the same light. I figure someone bought one or two, decided not to mod it and may want to sell it, or its sitting in a drawer, shelf, tool box, etc.

Are these still for sale at costco now? Or have they been discontinued?

No, discontinued. Costco sells some LED lights for a few months then blows them out, some other LED lights like the FEIT 500 lumen zoomie with the 4 way tailcap switch (high, medium, disco, SOS) they sold for about 1 year, then just recently replaced it with another brand with a 3 way tailcap switch. Another thing Costco does, certain cities/states don’t get the lights while others do. Hope this helps.

Just wanted to post that I just completed the sale of a Coast HP550 to Walt. Fair price, fast payment, and easy to work with. Thanks Walt!

Thanks bawilson2 for selling me a HP550 Coast LED light, looks like I should have it by Monday. Anyone else like to sell me another HP550 Coast LED light or trade (see post #1 for any 2 or possibly 3 of my lights to trade for one HP550 Coast) or paypal if you prefer.

Just curious. 8)

LOL, my friend gets Coast lights at wholesale pricing, but he could not get this light, so i already bought one thru this forum, it should be here Monday, and i figure he is going to want one also.

Thanks Brian (bawilson2) for selling me your HP550 Coast LED light, i received it today and it works fine, if you or anyone has more for sale (or trade) let me know, i am still wanting a few more.

Anyone else like to sell me another HP550 Coast LED light via paypal or trade (see post #1 for any 2 or possibly 3 of my lights to trade for one HP550 Coast) or paypal if you prefer.

Not sure what you had in mind for price but there on the web if you cant nail one down:


i appreciate it, i bought one from a member (see previous post a bit above yours), but i am looking for more, and my post #2 pretty much answers the amazon/ebay price option. Thank you though.

PM sent.

I missed buying this at Costco last Christmas season. I saw it at $49.99 originally. Then it had dropped to $29.99. I recently emailed Coast about this light. They told me that they had enough success w/ it at Costco, that they plan to sell it at Costco again; but that it would be late winter 2013/early spring 2014. I’ll wait…

Well, considering we only have 9 days left of 2013 and i was just in a Costco yesterday and there weren’t any in the store, it would be safe to surmise the restock will be in 2014; thank you for the update, as you can see from the posts above i have purchased 2 and both for a VERY reasonable price. So i will borrow a portion of your quote with a slight twist, “i have more than i need, but not as many as i want at this time.”

Gearjunkie, thanks again for the light and the awesome price, it arrived today in great shape. I currently have enough of these lights, thanks everyone!

I am glad it arrived safely. Hope you and you friend have lots of fun with it. It is always satisfying to sell to someone here who appreciates flashlights.