WTB: 18650 C8f Host or other Triple Reflector host for Red triple

I’m looking for the 18650 C8f host, which sofirn no longer sells, or a similar reflector triple host. I dont have the larger 21700 cells, but I guess that’s not really a deal breaker if someone has one they want to sell reasonably and ship to CONUS. Let me know what you got and what you want for it please. I’m trying to build a triple red xp-e and want the throw of the reflector instead of a triple or quad with optics. Thanks!

You can still run an 18650 in the 21700 version. Not sure that would be to your ultimate choice. I’m really suprised they quite making that version. I really like them. More compact than the 21700 version. UI is better though.

Same, I don’t know why it’s not still an option. I’m just gonna order a host today and wait out the shipping on aliexpress since the sale is going on. Wish they had the 18650 tube, or a 26650 tube instead. And the option without an e-switch too. Oh well, guess they ca’t make every conceivable option or it would drive up costs.

Sofurn C8 host in “F” and “T” Model. with 26650 tube and side sw.
Would cover all requirements for that light Methink’s.
Wishful thinking but it would be nice.
A C8+ in 26650 tube/Side Sw,. would be nice too.

Dreaming again.

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Bump because I’d still buy someone’s 18650 host if they have a C8f to sell, or a similar triple reflector host.
26650 is fine too, just want to make a red triple reflector light and looking for a decent host with copper mcpcb and relatively small form-factor of a single cell light or close to it. Thanks

Bump again for and 18650 C8f if anyone has one for sale. DTP board preferred please. Aliexpress/ sofirn store just informed me they didn’t send my order and will refund my money in 20 days, for no reason whatsoever, on the new c8f host I ordered. That was nice after waiting for over a month. no explanation. won’t be buying from them anymore. :+1: