Looking for one, working Arc AAA, white led. If you have one to spare, please PM me.

good luck with your ARC AAA search… I hope you find one

meanwhile, maybe pick up a Sofirn C01

they are the Heir Apparent to the ARC/Fenix AAA…

as you likely know
the class act alternative is the Titanium Sapphire … YOLO!

Are you specifically looking for a second-hand Arc AAA?

I’d recommend buying new, to have their warranty (I’ve had several of them repaired free over the quite-a-few years)
Their website is still up though the order page doesn’t seem to work;
Does anyone know for sure if ARC is still alive out there?

But when I look at the MTD LLC website, they sell a lot of industrial hardware but no mention of flashlights.

I really despise the tint of my Arc AAA (from 2005) but it’s the only one and is my “museum” piece LED light, so it’s not going anywhere…Sorry for the tease… I am curious to know why the Arc AAA in particular?

Thanks, jon and all of you who have replied. The light is for my brother. He has had the same Arc since 2003/4 ? It’s finally quit. Unfortunately, he isn’t a flashlight fan at all. I’ve tried lending him several other (nicer, imo) aaa lights and they just aren’t the same for him. I’ve repaired a Arc AAA before and they positively are time consuming to open . Once to the driver, they aren’t that bad. I was looking to take the lazy way out. And, I couldn’t believe the Ebay prices!

thanks for the backstory

upgrade him to a Titanium ARC… :wink: (the Gizmo Sapphire)

and or
maybe consider moving a sofirn pill (driver and High CRI 5mm LED) into the ARC?

some C01 are not potted… easy extraction of the driver

potted 2020 C01 colors: black green red.

NOT potted 2020 C01 colors: orange brown blue.

they come with a 3400K High CRI 5mm LED

imo the gem C01 to hunt for, is the 5600K from the first run… the Yuji LED is outstanding

Those Sapphires are nice! IIRC, I think it’s the same driver too. I have a couple loose Yukis. I may have to do the tedium of opening the Arc and buy a Sapphire for myself. :smiley: