WTB: Broken/Cheap Solarforce MPP-1 or MPP-2

Hey guys

I’m looking for a broken Solarforce MPP-1 or MPP-2. In fact, I just want to empty head for a project of mine, don’t care about the internals. But I’m willing to purchase the whole head. The head itself needs to be in very good condition with no scratches or dents.

Let me know if you’re willing to sell.


Do they break? Try contacting solarforce and see if they will sell you just the head.

They sell this head

I guess not :wink: My MPP-1 is still going strong.

I’ve asked them, and they will sell me an empty MPP-1 head for $30 incl shipping. Problem is, I want to convert the head into a 3xT6 extension unit for my L2P. If you take the $30 for the empty head, $30 for 3 led’s, $15 for a decent driver, $5 for the reflector, and all the copper and aluminum and lathe charges, the total costs can be close to $100, a lot more than a DRY or TR-J12. And this being the budget light forum, I’m looking for the cheapest empty MPP head I can get. $10 would be great :slight_smile:

Just purchase a L2m body for $11.99 + $2.00 shipping.
Problem, I do not think they break. 0:)

I specifically want a MPP head to cope with all the heat from 3xXML driven at 3A each

They do break. Mine has a bad driver. It’ll be cheaper to buy a new head than to get them to repair/replace it. No, it’s not for sale. I, too, have plans for my MPP1 head and it involves a Masterpiece flashlight that also has a bad driver (it puts out an eye searing 20 Lumens on high and, yes, that’s with freshly charged 18650s).

Bump, anyone wants to sell me their MPP for cheap? :slight_smile: