[WTB] Complete!

edit: Got what I needed! Thanks for the replies.

I sent you a message for the SP36. Not a bad idea for emergencies since you can store 3x 18650s and use a modern usb c charger.

You should be able to get the Catapult V6 from Thrunite with 20% off right from their Web site. It is delivered from Amazon. 20% is the discount code. To get a deal on the SP36 you can contact Sofirn via the Ali store. Illumn is also having a sale that ends tonight which you can get the V6 for 25% off I believe.

Oh nice! Thanks for the heads up.

Highly recommend to get the catapult V6 and batteries you will need for the SP36 from illumn.com

Keep me in mind ONLY if OP passes on the SP36…I may be interested, depending on details

I need to edit this post. I ended up purchasing one from another forum member that was more local to me. Jump on it!