WTB Convoy S2+ 7135x6 XM-L2 T6-4C

Preferably blue or red. I can’t seem to find this style in stock anywhere.

If you can use a soldering iron you can add or remove 7135 chips from *4 or *8 driver

I guess I didn’t think of that. Is it difficult to take apart?

Its way easier to remove 7135 than stacking on a single sided driver

If you are creative you can remove 7135 with a lighter or small burner, melting the solder without even getting the driver out of the pill


Plenty of 7135*6 models in there. Eg: https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10002364/2060909-convoy-s2-1-cree-xm-l2-t6-4c-803-lumen-2-group-3 .

http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_232308.html red green or blue http://www.gearbest.com/car-gadgets/pp_142285.html?wid=21 If you can’t /won’t solder … cut a leg or two off of 7135’s :slight_smile:

Ooooor, if you’re as chicken as me when it comes to light modding (heh :smiley: ), the Convoy store re-opens on 15th Feb. You can order your special S2 then, even with TK’s excellent new UI.

Yes, I suppose I could wait but am anxious to try it out. Fasttech seems to list the majority of them as in stock, but will go back in my order and push out the shipping date by 4 days when they expect to receive more in. I’m trying to beat the holiday shutdown.