wtb eagle eye x6 parts

This is a big shot in the dark but I’m looking for the brass threaded ring for a eagle eye x6 tailswitch ?? Bought 2 host and was not included

I have a host coming in and I’ll gladly give you the threaded ring if it has it! :slight_smile:
It’ll be about a week until I get it I think.

I have one or two but shipping from my country is more expensive than buying a new host… :X

Thanks I’ll keep in touch, yea shipping is a killer

How hard would it be to get a little piece of pipe/tubing, thread it and cut it off to make a couple retaining rings? Could that be done? Some other people may want some too, if possible.

jescereal, if you give away your retaining ring, what will you use? I’m curious.

My niece dropped my X6 from about one story high and destroyed my tail cap. :_( Everything else is in almost perfect cosmetic shape except for the dented and scratched up cap. I’m just going to use the tail cap of the host and stick it into the other just for cosmetics. A buddy of mine wants to change the scratched up dented head of his X6 for a new one, so we’re splitting the cost of the host. :party:

That works out well lol

That retaining ring is also sought for for improving Rey's BLF-Ti, anyone making them would be a hero ;-)

I believe the tailcap from the Convoy S2 is a perfect fit, but it looks like you already found a solution

May be a perfect job for OL :)

Still looking :(

Can someone measure the thread with a gauge and I will try to get a price?

I have a thread pitch tool and the closest one i see that will work is a number 18

Put the thread gauge up against the thread and hold it up to the light

Steve measured the BLF Ti which that retainer fits as 18.13 x .75 mm pitch and the OD of the Ti retainer as 18.37 mm but mine is very loose and so is the stock switch. I’d think a custom retainer could be made larger like 18.5 OD. Anything under the un threaded tube ID and more than 18.37 should be an improvement.

Maybe this will work?

Brass Driver Pill Adapter for LED Flashlight DIY

Thread spacing: 0.35mm

Depth 1.5 mm
Height 17.8 mm
Width 17.8 mm
Inner Diameter 13.4 mm
Outer Diameter 17.8 mm
Product Weight 1.0 g
Thickness 1.5 mm

The OD on the X6 retainer is 21.4mm x 1.25 pitch.