WTB: Elektrolumens


So I am looking to buy any high-powered Elektrolumens you may have collecting dust.

Specifically the S&R Extreme (aka ST90).

However I’d also be interested in any other high powered ones you’d be willing to let go at a fair price, such as a Blaster / Big Brusier / Firesword / any older ones i may not know about!

Did he even sell the kong-12 to the general public?

Let me know. Thanks!



He quit making the Search & Rescue Extreme?

Yes i know. :frowning:

Only the manual lathe ones are available… for $600

Still kicking myself for not picking up a last run, so that’s why I started a WTB.

I have a fire sword 4MCE and the 3xml big bruiser. Both really good lights. The lights are certainly tough.

I guess Wayne was watching.

The Kong 12 and Kong 21 are listed on his site for sale now.

$1,500 and $1,999 respectively. Man if only I hit that lotto.

I have a big bruiser I don't really foresee myself using... how much are you willing to spend?

Which model? There were many variations. Whats the condition?

Latest default model - I just bought it off the website, no special instructions of any kind. I bought it less than a month ago.

It's in perfect condition, used for maybe 20 minutes.

PM Sent.

Still looking for that S&R Extreme!

Bonus points for an un-anodized silver model.

I just saw a picture of the Kong 21, W T F??? wow. EDC for Andre the Giant.

Last one of those I saw was on Ebay… The guy wanted $400 for it.

I followed that auction for months. He re-listed for a third time for $200

And i won that auction.

Only for him to email me and claim it was stolen the previous night…

Talk about a disappointment.

THAT SUCKS! … Wonder if it was really stolen…

Yeah tell me about it!

I’m not the one to make any crazy accusations to the guy through eBay, but you just can’t help but have that thought in the back of your mind…

He priced it low expecting it to go high… When it didn’t, he was suddenly the victim of a kleptomaniac…. LOL Not likely…

Yeah, stolen, right... if anyone believes that, there's this bridge I'm looking to sell.... :p

PM replied to.

bump cause i wanna

Sent you a PM... I need some cash asap :p