WTB ** Emisar D1 or D1s

Looking for Emisar D1 or D1s. I don't care about the color, or if it's in working condition.

I would prefer some thing that is not too aesthetically beaten up, but scratches and dings are totally OK.

would be happy with either, or both!

Message me with your price. ill buy it. That's where I'm at!

thank you!

Those are both classics.

I have one of each. And no, you can’t have them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with your search! :+1:

Those are both great lights . But it seems kinda mean to rub in the fact you have both :smiling_imp: I would just maybe comment how I really like having them both and would never part with them :innocent:

I also wish you luck on your search !

I don’t own either. The D1S in particular is awesome. Iirc the GT Mini had an inferior reflector and wasn’t as small to boot. I at least got to play with one a friend owned for a day.

So Artie , is it the bug ? You just gotta get em , or you got some plans you want to do with em ?

Goshdogit, thanks for rubbing it in! Lol. I get it though. Lol

rdubya- thanks for the defense! Lol. So I got the bug, I want to try some mods thats why I don't care if they're working or not, honestly would be just as well if they weren't bc it would help someone move on from a broken one and help me het one at a better price.

also, a couple of kind people messaged me, so I may be on to something here. Folks in this forum are really top friggen notch!

thanks all!

Great news! I know you’re a good sport and could handle some ribbing. :partying_face:

Be sure to let us know what you end up with. :+1:

BTW, if you get one with a working driver, ToyKeeper has .h files here to support an Andúril build for the D1 and D1S.

They originally came with a simplified ramping UI before Hank adopted Andúril.

Ah, I just threw out my D1S are no one wanted to buy it!

Gonna put more SFT40’s, new drivers, and backlit switches into them?

:)) of course, especially from you hah. Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely let you all know what i end up with on this!

Stephen... STEPHEN... please telll me your joking Stephen... PLEASE !!

Not quite Kind of. But, It's something. And, you guys will see (hopefully) if one of these transactions works out for me.

And if STEPHENK would stop THROWING D1s' in the TRASH, i would have had another one :)) :))

I would love to have/buy a D1S too. If someone has one for sell please dm me

You guys can try emailing them. Hong Kong uses English all the time, should be okay for simple translatable sentences.

Story- have you ever bought from them before? Thank you, I'm going to email them now

I’m not joking. If this post was 24 hours earlier…

I’ve advertised it for sale on here previously (as barely more than shipping cost) as well as on my social media and never had any interest.

that is really wierd because I am constantly on the lookout, but tbh over the last 8 weeks I haven't been. But for a year before that I was. That is TERRIBLE timing for me!

Pretty terrible timing. It had been sat unused on the shelf for years. No-one expressed any interest as it was outdated and outclassed.
I have an unused C8+ though.

I have both.

I believe the D1 is green and the D1S is grey.

They are both mint with original boxes. I believe the D1 has a matching 18350 tube and perhaps a pocket clip. I don’t believe I have anything extra for the D1s , but give me a day to confirm, as they’re packed away.

I would prefer to sell the D1s.

I’ll let you know, if you’re still interested?


I have not but judging from the website and the time I spent there, they are legit.
There are forwarding services that will mail it to USA or other countries for you. Maybe the shop can offer it. It’s very convenient in Hong Kong and they should know all the carriers instead of using just FedEx and DHL