WTB first flashlight sub $100

i ended up going with a modded BLF A6. waiting on it to come now, but the fw3a will be my next purchase probably

Good choice. The A6 is an older light, but still holds its own. Good combo of flood and spot. Especially nice with 18350.

i was gonna go the route of a Convoy s2+, but i got the exact same internals in it for cheaper so i went that route instead. something Ti is definitely gonna be my next light, i wanna try my hand at anodizing

New to flashlights but got my feet wet already. Personally I use my EDC18 and not the FW3s I have. Got the Ti/Cu version and there is no problem with the extra weight… in fact I like the feel. The D4 gets more use yet in this country setting, but city folk have different needs. 26650 lights are my favorites up here, but they go on my belt.

Just received the Fireflies E07 package with 21700 battery and charger and it has great flood with good throw; comes in Cu and such, but I got the deal, aluminum Grey SST20 NW 5000K for $65. Really like the beam pattern and usability, but the wrist strap will be replaced. Head is probably too big for pocket carry. No issues with mine so far. Do not own any of the coveted Zebras yet. You cannot go wrong listening to these folks.

OK, I see you’ve joined the li-ion ecosystem.

So now you need a reliable battery charger, a metal box to keep batteries in, a fireproof surface to run the charger, and an appropriate fire extingusher.

Welcome to the adventure. And remember Rule 1 for li-ion battery fires: Don’t Inhale.

that bad huh? xD got some samsung 30q and an Xtar charger on the way.

What’s the extent of the mods?

Not that bad. Low probability of failure, with high consequences.
I’ve only had a couple of old much-used li-ions vent in 8 or 10 years, and neither caught fire.
Good that they were in a metal storage box though.

nothing major, just higher output. im not sure of the LED or driver, but ill ask him next time i talk to him.

They vented, just sitting in storage, not being used?
(I’m assuming they were also in a protected case, and didn’t short against the sides of the metal box.)

I do not recommend spending $100 on the first light.
$10 would be more like it.
The reason is that without experience you’re unlikely to know your actual needs - and you’re unable to make a truly educated decision - and it is likely that the first light just won’t work for you nearly as well as the budget (whatever that budget is) would permit.
At around $10 there are quite a few lights that are of good quality and worth recommending. Don’t buy cheap junk - buy lights that are worth using but nevertheless inexpensive. And experience how do different sizes, body shapes, beam shapes and tints work for you.

A convoy C8+ with biscotti is cheap and always a good start

well, i went from having no lights to now i have the BLF A6 on the way, and i just won a JC customs FW3A with secondaries in a raffle… wild!!!

I’m unloading a couple Fw lights in the B/S section.
F1wA left, F21 (21700) and the Fw3Cu copper still up