WTB: Jetbeam RRT01 – Any place to buy it?! + [RRT01 2019 discussion]

Differences in the Original RRT-01 and the New Version with Brass pill.

  1. The brass pill makes the New Version 1 ounce heavier and 1/8” fatter.

2. No strobe on Original RRT-01. Yes Strobe on New Version.
3. New Version pocket clip is long, past the control ring. Some Originals got short clips, and they can still be bought.

4. New Version is set for higher max power draw.
5. New Version fits 19mm Carclo without modification to the diameter of the optic. Original requires customizing the optic’s diameter.
New Version RRT-01:

Original Version RRT-01:

6. New Version is XP-L, Original is XM-L. They have different reflectors, the Original has rings in the spill beam.

Original RRT-01 / TCR-01 did not require any modification to the Carclo optic to make it a triple. The optic fits perfectly. However, the edges of the star do require a little filing down.

Are you sure about that?

I stand corrected.

Based on that photo I opened up my TCR-01 triple to double-check the optic. Looks like I did modify the optic after all so that it would fit.

However the modification to the optic was extremely simple. All I did was file down about 1/4 to 1/3 of the outside of each of the 3 legs. Basically 5 minutes with a small handfile. None of the rest of the optic needed modification… just the legs.

Yeh, that sounds about right :beer:

I wasn’t sure if maybe the rrt-01 or the optic might’ve changed slightly.

Just found this one:

Why did he scratched them like this ? It’s ugly no ? :confounded:
Mine now rocks a 219B and an OP reflector from an Eagle Eye X2R.
I had to grind the outer diameter of the reflector by about 1mm.
I removed the stock centering gasket to allow a better focus, but the beam is not that good…
I might try with a 219C, the old 219B is too cold (I think it’s 5700K)

Triple 219B 4500°K…


@id30209, check your link >> options >> TRIPLE 219B 4500K

OMG! There was only W2 option when i saw it this morning!!!
Thx for opening my eyes bro!

@X3, since you live in france, I can throw a 219B 4500°K and a 219C SM4070e in an enveloppe if you give me your address in MP. Can’t do more, I don’t have much left.

X3 check your inbox

thanks for sharing the link
I agree it changed during the day
a triple sw45 for 150 cant be bad… Im impressed
add trits for $75… and Glow!

Rotary UI
Game Changers

That’s a lovely offer, PM incoming

My 2019 version :

SST20 3000K, triple MCPCB from KD (1mm thick) and their optic (really smooth beam), plus a small alu spacer that I made today at work.

I had to add some length to the stock wires, but the good news is that the stock pill already have a 4mm hole right in the center.
It’s not waterproof anymore, I like when the optic sits flush in the bezel but it’s doable with an o-ring too.
I love it already.
Oh, it does 600 lumens on the highest mode too… not too shabby for a 95CRI 3000K source !
(the precedent LH351D with stock reflector was about 470 lumens, talk about low current efficiency !)

beautiful work!
thanks for the photos and info about LED options, parts, and optics you used
you could almost build a kit, or people could copy your example, if they had a few specs for the spacer… etc

can you line up some of those LEDs so I can see what they look like?
iphone, daytime, white printer paper:

If anyone would like to buy the new model RRT01, Fasttech has a 20% off sale going on that brings the price down to about $49 bucks shipped to the US.
Use code CHERISH for 20% off. https://www.fasttech.com/products/9691168
Nice comparison pics jon_slider :+1:

thats a great price!
and thanks for liking my pics

a couple advantages, or differences, of the New model

  1. Strobe
  2. Protected 18350 fits
  3. unmodified Carclo fits, so people can add a tritium head from Andy

New model RRT-01 on left:

note slight tribute resemblance to McGizmo PD

maybe your little cnc shop or RPM will offer a trit bezel for the new and original RRT-01’s

and Big Hope that a Titanium Version of the Original RRT-01 is re-released, with tritium fins… in my dreams… lol
“(factory trit precedent: Sunwayman Ti Dream)”:[Review] SUNWAYMAN M11R Ti Dream (XM-L2, 1x (R)CR123a) - #18 by hIKARInoob

I started a trit bezel poll here, for the Jetbeam Rotaries:

Maybe flash sale is over? Coupon code invalid, but current price is $55.67 which is still very good.