WTB: Jetbeam RRT01 – Any place to buy it?! + [RRT01 2019 discussion]

Thanks Jon, traveling due to work right now, layovers give me time to go over all the options. It is a really useful design, from theater seating to menu reading, poorly lit parking garages,etc.
And it carries easily, even without a clip. That and the current crop of 18350 is easily more capable than the 14500 cells I was using before. Although I would always like to have a option of running AA in a pinch. Looking through older google images, it looks like it may lego with the the discontinued JB “DD” series (digital display). I actually have a AA version of that light. Curious as heck now if that light body will actually work on the TCR1 head, without exposed threads and o-ring.I won’t know till I return home this weekend.

I hope your DD AA lego works
there are a couple good pics of one here

that vendor also has NOS Original RRT-01’s
some of them have strobe too (eye 10 driver overlap)

Still working through jet lag and fatique. Got the broken pocket clip screws sorted and retapped.
Also tried the JB DDA10 and it is confirmed. Maybe a little homely, but fully seated, and fully functional. Threads seat and o-ring is completely engaged.
I tend to collect and keep red led display items, such as old Texas Instruments calculators and TIF Instruments digital ammeters.
Never have imagined a future Lego from this DDA10.

welcome home, so glad you got the clip sorted

and thanks for sharing your TCR-1 (and original RRT-01), 18650 Lego success!

here is a recent lego of mine (pic is a link)

And that’s a righteous looking SWM Lego!

Sapphire Crystal fit report

thanks shirnask… here are a few other measurements

I tested some 20 x 1.5 mm sapphire crystals for fit in an Eye10 and V10a
The glass on the Eye10 measured 20 x 1.4mm
The glass on the V10a measured 20.1 x 0.9mm

I bought this:
mingswear sapphire
20x1.5mm and confirmed the dimension is accurate
That Crystal fits the Eye10 nicely!


v10a glass measures 20.1 x 0.9
the 1.5 mm Crystal is too thick and slightly exposes the O ring for the bezel

so this is a thinner alternative:
1mm thick sapphire

I have not checked the glass dimensions on a V11r, nor V10r, but I would guess they are similar to the V10a

fwiw about sapphire

the bling is cool, the scratch resistance is cool, and it is shiny!

light transmission on my meter
the thin V10a glass had a 1% light loss
the thick sapphire had a 2% light loss, I can live with that.
(ymmv, this is on my meter, etc)

Sooo… is Sapphire stronger? Way!

:+1: Thanks for the update. I think I will pick up a few.

me too :slight_smile:

and btw, the Eye10 w the Sapphire lens above, has one of the kaidomain reflectors that moderator007 found for us…

I have not confirmed, but have high confidence the 20x1.5mm sapphire lens is going to work in the Original RRT-01 too.

links to reflectors and other parts used to mod the Original RRT-01 are archived in this thread:

Time to MoD the Jetbeam RRT-01

Great job Jonathan, much appreciated!

Now we got a source for sapphire crystal lenses. Thanks for the link.
The V10R, V11R should be the same as the V10a. They all have the same head diameter. :+1:

I just have not personally verified if the lens thickness is the same in each Sunway V model

there seems to be variation in the 1.4mm thickness of my Eye10 lens and shirnask’s 1.62mm Original RRT-01. But this is not a problem because the kaidomain reflector sits a little higher than stock, in the Original RRT-01…

I see no downside to the 1.5mm Sapphire lenses in regard to fitting Original Jetbeams modded w Kaidomain reflectors.

Cheap Bling!


Testing unconventional trit locations

daytime trit photo tip
shine a UV light on them when photographing


side story

last night I dropped a bag with 6 of those tiny trits on the floor
when I picked up the bag, it had dumped them all out.
I could not see them on the floor… at all
I used the UV light, and easily found them all :slight_smile:

for those that followed, or are considering following, my recommendation for Sapphire lenses… please read this update, and consider an alternative

Thanks for the coaching

I just ordered from the person you linked to
I got Four of these 1.5 x 20 (for RRT-01)

plus Three of these 1x 20mm (for Sunwayman rotaries)

I ordered from your source, because the ones I bought already, do have rounded edges.
Correction! see next post… there is NO problem…

I have not done a dunk test, so I dont know if there is a problem with the O ring fittment… but Im grateful you suggested a link for lenses that do not have rounded edges…

good news and more good news

I received some 20 mm x 1 mm sapphire lenses, and they fit perfectly in my V10a, and I suspect in other Sunwayman rotaries.

btw, when I removed the 20x1.5 mm sapphire, that works in RRT-01, I looked more closely with magnification, and both lenses have equally flat edges. So, false alarm, the 20x1.5 that I recommended earlier does NOT have rounded edges. So Both sources of 20 x 1.5 mm lenses mentioned are good, and though they come from different vendors, they are the same brand. Win Win!

And the 20 x 1mm source is an excellent fit, for Sunwayman rotaries (disclaimer, Im guessing they are the same in the V10a, as in the V11r and V10r and V10r Ti.)

You can see in this pic of the V10a head (on a V11r body), with the 20x1mm sapphire installed, that the bezel fits very nice and close with no excessive gap

Bling Bling!:slight_smile:

btw, sapphire is much stronger than glass in every way, it is way more than just bling

Ordered one for my V11R. Thanks! :beer:

Folks, have you seen new RRT0?

Interesting. Any more pics / specs / info?

Nothing. Go to FB and check for Jetbeam Flash Light

Sweet :heart_eyes:

Meanwhile I’m playing with “my” 18650 version (not a clean fit, but Sofirn SP32 battery tube screws well onto the RRT01 head) :+1:

thanks for the heads up
wow, Two tube adapters allow 16340/18350, 14500/18500, and 18650!!!

multi fuel to the Max!
and trit slots :slight_smile:

what is the driver ?.
same as RRT01?.