WTB: Longshot, but does anyone have an Eagle Eye X6 host to sell?

I am looking for one of these to hotrod, I really like the look and feel of the 1 BLF X6 that I have and would like to try a few things out on that chassis. It pockets better than a C8 and it looks more classy, I think.

I will not gut my “got lucky to get a real 3C” BLF version…

Thanks Matt

If you’re modding it won’t a stock version do or does it need the logo?

Yes, would not mod a BLF…

Why not buy a stock one?

EagleEye X6


Cheaper here. $16.30

16$ at gearbest


I have two extra 3C sitting in a drawer gathering dust.

Mine is in 3C and short of the high CRI 219b that may be my favorite tint bin. I am still trying to get the other 2 3X tints I do not have and a set of 5X tints to compare to.

I use my BLF X6 during power outages and sometimes to walk the dog, but that one is going to stay clean and scratch free. That is my favorite physical light so far.