WTB Lumintop FW3A Titanium 18500 tube

Seeking a titanium 18500 tube for the Lumintop FW3A. Preferably in polished titanium, but any finish of titanium will do.

$50 plus shipping.

$60 plus shipping.


I’m in California for shipping. Offering substantially above the original list price. It doesn’t need to be in perfect condition. Used is fine.

Kicking myself for not getting one of these when they were offered. I ordered one at the tail end of the run, but Nealsgadgets messed up and sent me a copper 18500 tube instead. And by the time I received it they were out of stock on titanium so it was too late to get one in the right material.



Still seeking one of these. Offering $50 plus shipping


bump. Offer price increased to $60 plus shipping.