WTB: MBI lights

looking for any of the MBI (MatchBox Instruments) lights. stock or modded are fine.


MBI Need List (to complete the collection)
HF/HF-R Ti Body Endcaps for spare battery holder
HF-R Ti Mule Head
Electron (Thing) flashing locator with green emitter
extra MBI I’m looking for as well
Core Ti Momentary 4.2mm Polished (or any)
MatchBooks in any color.
Modded oddities.
Or anything else odd you may have….



added a list in the first post of what I’m looking for……

bump. updated list in first post as I’ve found some of the items….

updated my list. just one light needed really, plus some accessories……


bump. thanks BLF. got one more item from my Need list. almost complete!!!

All I have are the three colors of the things… do you need any of them? I don’t remember the thing-0

This is awesome! I thought they were all blue! now you’ve added things (literally) to my list of stuff to find!


The ones I have are the first run “beta”versions using Cr927 batteries.

thanks Jabe1!

updated my list in the first post. one step closer!!!

bump. someone sent a message, but I was at work, and when I went back I couldn’t find it!!! please resend if you see this. (it may have been on a different platform…)

bump. found a HF in SS, just a few things left

bump again.

how about a 7 month bump!

found a couple more user mods, but still need these:

MBI Need List:

Ti spare battery holder
Ti HF-R Mule Head
Electron (“Thing”) with green LED

Other’s I’m looking for for extras or on behalf of others

Core Ti 4.2mm polished (used CR2025 battery)
Core Ti with latching switch
Matchbooks in any colors

bump. still looking…