WTB mini maglite modded to single AA/14500 (like the kyfishguy minimag)

Hi, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a KYfishguy piece but that would be preferred. Not particular looking for any one emitter but just want a single cell conversion. If you have one please let me know. Im new here but an active member of the r/flashlight and iv eposted there but to no avail.


What about the BLF Kronos X5 ?

Are they still available ?
Very similar form factor .

Hey @jacktheclipper , great to see you sir!

Looks like a cool light but i really want a kyfishguy modded mini mag.

Did you find what you wanted yet? If not, I have this kyfishguy light I might be willing to sell: Sold/Expired - SOLD- Micro mag for sale (triple nichia + Guppydrv) | Candle Power Flashlight Forum