WTB Olight Marauder & Fenix TK61( TK61 bought already)

I want those for modding so they can be( actualy i prefer it) non operational, i just need reflectors to be in great shape
EU preferred ofc.

Fenix bought, uppie :wink:

Fenix TK61 + red phlatlight pt-54 :smiley: o jeah, o jeah, o o o jeah :smiley:

Yeah i got it on promo from a local retail hunting eu store for 96 euros, can you imagine :slight_smile:

Planning to mod with with a S4 XPG2 hoping for arround 1800-2000m real hunting- observation range with a 40 x scope - now i have to wait for the new reflector :confused:

Marauder wil be hard to get …i could find it for 230$ but 230$ for a host……wifey will ask for a divorce definately :bigsmile:

I always wanted to mod a Marauder though…since it came out

It looks like I might have snagged the Marauder you were looking at. Was it posted on ebay? I’m really sick of my modded lights always overheating so quickly and cooking the cells in the battery tube. :Sp This will hopefully provide a decent cooling solution for continuous high output without overheating.

To begin with, Im considering a simple XM-L2 or XP-L on DTP MCPCB swap to get rid of the 1st gen XM-L’s, and perhaps stripping the battery pack as a parts donor and building one for 12-18 user replaceable cells. I might be able to resistor mod the driver or swap it for a FET based version, but need to measure the baseline amperage to the emitters first. Extrapolating from the reviews, it seems to deliver about 3A regulated current per emitter.

If the heat sinking is up to par with a few additional small cooling fans, I might look into a 6 x XHP-50 mod in 12V config with 4S5P pack. My guess is that the host wont be able to exchange 200 watts of heat, even with 4 fans blowing through it.

What were your mod ideas?

Yeah it was an ebay offer :slight_smile: Gratz on your deal, its a great modding host indeed- a fella hunter got one here and i modded it with a 6x XPL V6 3d - it came out like 7500 lumens after the mod with the default driver( and a battery pack mod too) : good but i plan of modding it with XHP50 emitters( half dedomed) and an active cooling

Yet i aint prepare to give 230$ just for a host - cause at default its nothing special, more or less TM16 or Fenix TK75 are better and way lighter

Thanks! I’ll keep my eyes open for another Marauder for you. They pop up every once in a while in non-working order, assuming a dead cell pack. It was all about the heat sinking for me during those long turbo runs. I wish some of the large name brand lights would start using active cooling, but I doubt that will ever happen. I’ve seen only two of them come and go.

I think you already answered but I want to be sure. Did your friend mod the driver to get 7500 lumens, or was that just with the emitter swap?

Great idea slicing the domes on XHP50 emitters to increase the throw. I might try that some time in the future if my initial mod doesn’t produce decent results.

The emitter swap brought aditional 1800 lumens ( those 3ds looks gorgeous inside btw) btw i had to add aditional mosfets to be sure in the driver stability and for arround 7500lumens: so far( above 12 hunting trips) so good…i think we have to swap the default battery cable though…runs pretty hot though:)

Anyway, jump directly to XHPs and an active cooling…damn it would be a great walkarround light

I received my Olight X6 Marauder in brand new condition. It came with the protective peel-off plastic film still stuck to the lens and appears to have never been used. I am very impressed with the design. As you know, this light is an amazing large heat sink with a handle attached to it! After a few discharge cycles to get the feel of its performance, the light can definitely sustain max brightness without overheating, as long as I walk around with the light outdoors to pass some air through the cooling fins. If the light is left static in max mode, it will heat up and the thermal ramp-down will kick in to dim the light to cool it down.

I considered a 6 x XHP-50 mod driving the emitters hard, but I think the host would probably overheat during sustained use, even with cooling fans. A large copper heat sink with heatpipes from a server processor would be more up to the task in exchanging that much heat. So I swapped the crappy old 6 x XM-L that were mounted on a single large aluminum MCPCB for 6 x XP-L V6 1D on Noctigon XP20 V2 Copper MCPCB’s.

In measuring lux from about 18 feet away:

X6 Before: 115k
X6 After: 162K

For comparison, my Supbeam X60 does 159K

While the Olight and Supbeam will probably both have about the same range, the Olight has a much brighter and nicer spill beam and beam pattern, thanks to the OP reflectors… and the Olight can run continuously in max setting without overheating until the cells have become depleted (which was the reason I bought it in the first place). Im satisfied with the performance for now and will leave the driver and cord stock. Im considering removing the electronics from the battery pack and putting them in a 12 x 18650 belt pack mod with fresh cells to more then double the capacity. The stock cells are only 2600 mah.

As as aside, while the design and execution of the light are the best I have ever seen in a large light, the assembly of the parts by the manufacturer left a whole lot to be desired. The emitter MCPCB was cocked on the back plate shelf, which prevented it from making full contact. :Sp Also, the back plate that affixes the emitters to the heat sink was improperly assembled and allowed the back plate to overheat because of its poor contact with the heat sink. I guess Olight has foolish monkeys working in their assembly department, just as they all do. So if anything, the tear down would have been worthwhile even if I didnt mod the light.

I thought you hate Supbeam/Acebeam and will never use them again :evil:

I dont use my X60 :wink:

Yeah, thats what i am taking about….and YOU mister bought the Olight i spotted! :slight_smile: Was a deal indeed

Well…probably i wont be able to find one by Xmass time, BG has a 230$ offer via a promo code btw and i am still wondering….

Well, it was you who reminded me of how much I always wanted this LED heat sink gadget! If its something you will actually use for long duration turbo mode lighting, Id say $230 is well worth the price. No other factory LED flashlight can accomplish what this light does. Not even close! As you know, the XPL V6 will really wake it up and the host will be useful for many years of awesome future upgrades. Dont forget that your cells will remain cool while hanging unnoticed on your belt. You should buy it, then be done with large 70 watt lights for a while. :bigsmile:

I glued thin XML butterfly type insulation gaskets to the MCPCB’s to get the tiny XP-L emitters further into the reflector without blocking any of the light. Fujik was used to glue the gaskets. This gave more of a flood beam than stock while the new emitters kicked out the higher lumens. I had to divide the 2 outputs from the driver into 2S3P, so each pair of emitters is driven at around 7 amps, for 21 amps total, or 3.5A to each emitter. I didnt remove the thermistor from the stock MCPCB so there is no regulated step down after my mod. If it becomes a problem, I’ll tear it back down and add it later. If you have questions or need help, just ask. There was a lot of soldering and poking around with a pic to align the 6 MCPCB’s, but the reflectors are retained by a plate that holds them all in line, which was a HUGE help. The reflector plate uses 5 screws that clamp the reflectors onto the MCPCB’s, so no drilling was needed to fix the emitters and clamp them in place.

This was an OUTSTANDING DESIGN AND WELL ENGINEERED! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: