WTB: One or more Sofrin made / CSTEBOKE SC31T SE flashlight(s)

I’m looking to buy one or more of the Sofrin made / CSTEBOKE SC31T SE flashlight(s).

I have just recently dropped mine (after being on a brighter setting for several minutes) from 30 feet (9.14 meters), and killed the darn thing. I have grown to love this flashlight, and want to replace it. It is still available, but no current or expected U.S.A. stock in the foreseeable future, according to Sofrin/Csteboke). So I would need to order it from overseas, and wait. Which I am normally willing to do, but thought I would try here first. As this model of flashlight got a ho-hum by many, and the lumens are now considered fairly low.

I do not need any batteries with it/them.

What say you? Have you got one in a drawer or box somewhere, and would love to turn it into a bit of cash?

Amazon USA
In stock 41.99 - 20% clickable coupon=33.60


That is a SC31T. I have two of those already. Not the same model. I am looking for ‘SC31T SE’

This is the one I am wanting > Tactical Flashlight CSTEBOKE SC31T SE with Max 1300 Lumens, Rechargeable EDC Light 2 Groups UI Pocket Flashlight 5000K

Ramping capable, lower lumens (1300, which is not a plus) and has an orange peel reflector.

Thanks for trying to help though. :+1:

Sorry, I should have tried to look it up on Sofirn site first.

Have the regular one and like it but not as good as the one you want with the ramping.
Good luck in the search.

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Is this the one you’re looking for? If so shoot me a PM.

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I’ve got one that I’d part with. I’d planned on giving it to an electrician friend (to replace his old angry-blue zoomie…) but the UI didn’t work so well for him. I thought I’d just keep it as a uniquely-named bit of history but it’s just sitting on the shelf…I think it has less than three cell cycles on it, appears as-new. I’ll have to look to see if I still have the box for it.

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Thank you, Correllux. Send me a PM once you have finished digging around for the box. It’s not a deal breaker if you can’t find it, but it would be nice. :+1:

Found it! Too many boxes but I was looking for orangey Sofirn boxes and forgot this one came in plain brown cardboard. PM in a moment.

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Great! . . . I sent you a PM :grinning: