WTB Small Sun ZY-T08 modded

Wanted to buy Small Sun ZY-T08, MODDED
PM me for the price and specs.
Looking for my 1st budget thrower.

Thank you

I have a T08 that I haven’t modded yet. What are you wanting? I can direct drive it with a XP-G2, XP-L, XM-L2. Upgrade the tail switch to an Omten. Let me know what you want.

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I’m a little behind on my ZY-T08 project. I’ve designed a 7135 based driver for easy series conversion together with a custom designed switch board replacement with holes that perfectly fit the larger square Omten switch. I’ve got XHP70s and MT-G2 LEDs (domed and dedomed) to try out in ut. I have the driver and switchboard assembled but haven’t gotten started on the firmware for it (ATtiny84 based). Once I’m done I’ll have two conversion kits left over as minimum order for board fabrication is three. Don’t know if I’ll build two more complete lights and sell them, sell the boards separately or just keep them…. I also don’t know how “budget” they would be. Probably a bit overkill for a first thrower though…

A light is NEVER overkilll :wink: Even for a first thrower. I had an L4 for a first ‘thrower’. :slight_smile:

let me know if you want to sell the drivers and what price?
modding 2 myself and cant choose what driver to use.

I need that custom buck driver for T08! Please make it happen!