WTB Solarforce L2 'collar'

Hello all,

I'm looking for a piece many may not know exists.

On the 'original' Solarforce L2, there is an extra (invisible) seam where the body tube unscrews from the collar. This collar is what screws into the bezel, as well as what holds the P60 drop-in.

This 'collar' can be used to make a supermini L2M with the right combination of parts.

The newer L2s are of a one-piece design, and are of no use for this mod.

Does anyone have such a beast for sale?

If not, does anyone want to part with their old-style L2 body?

I will pay cash or trade for other parts, as desired.


Did'nt know new L2s are one piece now

Offtopic but when has this change happened?
I bought L2 less than a year ago, it had the “collar”.

I'm not sure when the switch happened, but there was discussion of a "pre-2010" model on CPF.


jamesearljonesisascab: Thanks for the pics.

Chicago X

I just happen to have 1 from an early project where I just needed the tube.

PM if your interested

PM sent, thanks !

tried searching it, but nothing really on how to... some pics on cpf ...

how do you make the l2mm?

ultrafire 504 body unscrews fro bezal

i meant collar

https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2468#comment-51508 check here

I bought an L2 from solarforce-sales about 5 months ago and it has the collar.

Collar on its way!