WTB Solarforce (L2M, L2X, L2, Heads, Tails etc..)

What do ya guys got? Thanks!

Every once in a while you’ll see a ” L2X ” For Sale —- Just like the ” A001 Head ”

I hope so.

I have been out of the game for a long time. Trying to get some of my sold collection back. :confused:

I have 2 of them

Pm sent

I got the chance to visit their HK shop a couple of times on business trips and I have a small collection. I’ll look out what could be available, although shipping from the UK would increase the cost a bit. The one item I never managed to get but would like is one of their stainless tailcaps so still looking for that.

I definitely have surplus

- A complete P1D host

- The double length tube L2-D18.

- The tail switch with the ring L2-S14

  • A set of their color filters

Are you looking for boxed items in perfect condition……mine have mostly had some light use and don’t have the packaging.

Condition is not a concern. Pm me what you have available. Thanks!!

Still looking for a few things. Hesds/tails/bodies/complete hosts/etc…

Still looking for stuff, tail caps, and bezels mostly. And any rare/limited production stuff! Thanks guys!

You guys have been great with giving me the opportunities to acquire some of these rare items! Many thanks!

I am still on the search for a few things:

Solarforce L2-S12 tailcap
Solarforce L2-S11 tailcap
Solarforce A001 Head
Solarforce Y2 Zoomable Flashlight
Solarforce L2E Flashlight
Solarforce P1 Yellow

Did you find you a L2X — I’ve only ran across two A001 Heads in over 7 yrs

I thankfully found an L2X!!

Someone has to have an A001 head lying around, I know it!! haha

you’re right about that —but mine aren’t leaving La. — How much did a L2X set you back these days

Anyone got anything else?

You guys have been great with offering me these hard to find items!

I’m still looking, pm me with what you have! Thanks!!

Anyone else? :slight_smile:



I have at least one for you. Will PM

Anyone else? :slight_smile: