WTB: Solarforce L2x Extended edition

Looking to buy a Solarforce L2x Extended edition, if anyone has one they are willing to part with. Cant seem to find them anywhere, not even eBay.

The 2x18650 version particularly, but open to the single 18650 version too.

Looking for one in great condition, but let me know either way.

Just need the host only.

Thanks everyone!

Bumpity. Anyone?

fasttech has/had a XY-Fire version of this light. Sngle 18650 though.

Yeah I saw. I am looking for the rock solid construction that solarforce provides.

Thanks for the tip!

The guy was proud of them tho… Think if memory serves he wanted $50 a piece.

One guy was recently selling 2 shortys and 2 extended and someone came in quick and snatched them all!

I really want the extended to put on the k3vn head that vinh is selling.

So you don’t need the head, just the body + switch?

We’ll the whole lot would be ideal but yes.

I have one at home I kept for myself. How were the real prices?

Good luck on finding one, I have both versions and looked for more a while back to no avail.

PM Sent

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Thanks Ri chevy!!

no one happens to have a single cell l2x to sell do they?

Glad you got them. They were 2 of my favorite hosts. Good luck with them. :smiley: