WTB: sprintpcs compatible phone

My wife dropped her phone and broke it, I need a to get a phone for her and she prefers an android phone.

Which phone did she have? Broken how? Cracked outer glass (image still displays fine)?

Get a Oneplus One, can’t beat it for that price.

I have a Sprinted Samsung Galaxy S3, which I use, but not for phone. I’m on a Verizon fronter called PagePlus, so it would be very hard to get this phone to work for me as a phone.

I’d rather trade for a Verizon-ready S3, but I’d also like to hear your thoughts.

PS: How badly broken is your wife’s phone? They’re surprisingly easy to fix…

The phone is a samsung galaxy S4 mini and the lcd and glass are broken. The cost of replacing the screen is more than the phone when she bought it.

I have been looking at that phone, it looks nice but i will need an invite to purchase one.

I will pm you Dimbo

I would suggest looking on Swappa for a used device, which is also endorsed by the hardcore Android nerds on xda too :beer:

Sure beats looking on the craigs or fleabay.