WTB: T6 driver for mags

im looking for a T6 or T8 witch ever works for the newer mags to get the switch out, iv tried mine T6 and T8 and does not work please pm me if u have a custom one that work thanks

You need to grind down the shaft of it so it fits in.

That’s what I though so I tried and still don’t seam to work, I grounded it about a inch up may be ill grind more ?

The shaft diameter can be no greater than the T8 bit itself

I found out the problem why it did not work

The set screw was in there at a slant and it stripped the screw

As I was on the mag site I see they have a replacement kit so I just bought it

Comes with the switch assembly and the Allen rench

As I found out today mine was a T7 HTH