WTB: Triple XP-L HI V3 2B LED on NOCTIGON 3XP MCPCB + Jumpers

This maybe a long shot but looking to buy Triple XP-L HI V3 2B LED on NOCTIGON 3XP MCPCB + Jumpers. Please PM if you have one available for sale.

Yes and no, right led but looking for a triple.

Ha, I grabbed the search engine link and posted before looking at the page. I looked and deleted the post but not fast enough.

I think RMM would reflow the emitters onto a triple board, though.

I already messaged him but I don’t think it’s worth the extra cost and effort. I should’ve snagged more when I had the chance.

Yeah, that V3 2B tint has become my favorite…

Agreed, it has a nice tint. I built a light with the led and now I’m regretting it. I should’ve bought more but I didn’t think that they would become unavailable.

Well, I just bought RMM out of his last 16mm V3 2B XP-L HI… now the wait until the next batch… 2D?

I still have a single V3 2B led, but I wanted a triple. I guess I should just wait for the release of the next higher binned XPL-HI led whenever that will be (I’m just impatient is all).

I think half of my patience issues arise from the vernacular terms they use… The next “bin” makes it sound like they have the other “bins” in actual bins, in a warehouse somewhere waiting for us to buy up the rest of the first “bins”. This may be in fact what they do… but it does not make it easier… I get the impatience thing, I really do… I hope someone comes along here with your V3 2B triple though…

Thanks for the support, I hope someone has one to sell or I feel like I’ll be waiting awhile before I build my next triple.


kd prodice now triple boards made from copper…but i think,its too thin….what do you think?noctigon looks more heavy for triple xpl….

We can manufacture various types of mcpcb
The thermal conductivity reached 400w/mk