WTB: TrustFire TR-J18

Hi all!

Pretty new to the community, and I’m getting ready to start contributing, rather than just watching from the sidelines.

One project I’m somewhat interested in taking on is a colored LED flashlight, larger than the UltraFire Y3/HS-802’s. I don’t particularly care if it’s impractical or not terribly useful…I’m more just trying to experiment with a bunch of different kinds of LEDs. Philips offers a myriad of colored LEDs that seem to have voltage/current requirements in range with some of the Cree LEDs.

I’m thinking of starting with a TR-J18 + 7x Royal Blue LEDs of an undetermined brand. If all goes well, I found a site that offers 7x LED boards + a huge variety of optics that are designed to fit nicely with those boards, and that could be a very unique starting point for building my own not-so-budget budget light :slight_smile:

So…yeah! I’m looking for a TR-J18! I don’t need batteries or a charger or anything silly like that. Ideally, the emitters would still be in the flashlight, but if it lowers the price to have them gone…then let them be gone!


EDIT: I have no idea what I’m doing. Yet. But I like new projects.

Interesting… I don’t think I’ve seen anyone try a multi-emitter color flashlight. Looking forward to seeing the results.

what’s your budget? these days you can buy TR-J18 from ebay for $45/free shipping( from USA) :smiley:

I know, I am definitely considering that! But if a BLF’er has one they’re looking to part with, I’d be more than happy to give them the money to feed the addiction, so to speak :wink:

cool… that’s very nice gesture of you :beer: :beer:
does it have to be TR-J18? how about TR-J12 with beast driver? :smiley:

Hmm…that could work! Do you happen to know approx. how much current it is supplying to each LED?

If you’re implying that you have one that you’re willing to part ways with, shoot me a PM and let’s talk!

After some consideration of a few offers, I decided to pick up an eBay 9x T6 LED flashlight, looks similar to the TrustFire AK-47. I imagine the driver will be putting out some pretty puny numbers to the LEDs, but that’s the point! So I think this is the right light to start on. I got a good deal on 10x XT-E royal blues, so I’ll keep you guys up to date on how this goes!