WTB: uncommon LEDs of high performance

I’m eager to buy some interesting LEDs. In particular 5050 and 3535 footprint but if it comes together with a mcpcb - that’s fine.

I’m hunting for uncommon high bins, high CRI or monochrome red/yellow. If white: only range 5000K-3000K is within my scope of interest.
Quantities I can take: 1-10. I accept higher shipping cost from remote locations, but will insist to send it as a letter, preferably registered.

If you have a unique LED that you already got bored of - please let me know.

Being more precise, I chase for below/on BBL, higher bins than commonly avaliable @ Chinese stores, flashlight “doable” LED. L4P has a great choice IMHO, but I’m quite familiar with all the leds listed there. Need fresh meat }D

Are COBs count?

No, sorry. I should have mentioned. However I’ve already ordered some other leds from you :wink:

LH351D 5000K CRI 90 S6 bin
or CRI 70 W6 bin

XHP35 HI E2-3C CRI70

Thanks, but I’m looking for something more unique. But appreciate your offer a lot, thank you.

You have them again?

just 2 or 3 left from old stock that are for personal use

how about this COB 52.5W —> 9150lm

(just in case any new opportunities poped up)

I have an XM-L2 T4 5D2 that is unused.
Bought from intl outdoor, mounted on Noctigon.

Not sure if i want to sell but throwing the thought out there.

Thanks for letting me know, really appreciate the effort.
Not sure where you live, but if outside my country I think I’ll let it go.
It’s not the Graal although the tint and bin are unique indeed.

No worries.

Bort is from the land of igloos, polar bears and maple syrup.
Sometimes called Canada :smiley: