WTB: Unloved and unused Surefire 6P

I am looking for a Surefire 6P so I can modify it for a modern LED dropin using 18650 batteries.

Host already modded with dropin would be fine.


Are you sure you want a Surefire? 18650 batteries don’t fit in them.
Why not to take a Solarforce host instead (e.g. L2P)?

Hi Shadow,
yes I know the barrel needs to be bored out, but I am after an American made flashlight rather than a Chinese one.
A Malkoff is ok, but the cost of shipping and the light itself is really a bit of a stretch.
Plus, from what I have read, the Malkoff doesn’t really put out as much light as the high output dropins that can be bought.

Any other suggestions?


I have modded the Pentagonlight l2,which is an american made product but they were forced out of business by Surefire long ago.I bored mine for 18650 and made a custom xpg triple drop-in for it.You can still find them on ebay,but people price gouge now as they are becoming collectible.Solarforce would be a much cheaper route and the quality IMO is good.

I have handled a 6P but I like my L2M much more. The quality is just as good and the L2M will hold 18mm diameter cells.

How’s the thermal path from the xpg triple to the body?

Thanks for the advice gentlemen.
I might go the Solarforce route. Maybe a new L2N.
Anyone know if the L2N is going to be coming out with HAIII anodising?

Do you care what condition the host is in?


He needs only host, without any drop-in’s, so more like this:

Hi Eg1977,
no, condition needs to be useable, but that’s about it.
Patina is fine.

I considered doing the same thing for a while. I started looking into it and realized that you have to toss the drop in, bore out the tube and possibly swap out the tail cap. After all that, you have a Surefire host that does look nearly as good as the much better HA-III Solarforce L2P.

Hi Speedsix,
you me a good point.