wth??? maximum posts per minute

Anyone seen this yet?

It is very common in most forums. Probably to prevent bots from spamming.

Well this is a first for me on any forum.

Now shut up for two minutes :smiley:

Yeah, it has been around for ever. If I remember right it was one post per min at one point. Very common. I think just about every forum I can think of has some "posts per" limit

Calm your finger for 2 minutes :bigsmile:

Correct on all accounts. It was a real pain in the ass before when you made a post and realized you forgot something or stuffed up you went and made a cuppa while your time counted down. Its real good now compared to the olden days.

And it is way better than getting overrun by spammers like back in the old days.

It used to show up whenever I tried to make a quick edit to a post…
Or post a few one liners in succession.

Now that I can edit I haven’t run into that.

+1 Yup, I think the edit function is exempt from the 2 minute rule, so you can edit your post as often as you want. :slight_smile:

It wasnt always. I remember multiple times sitting around waiting to be able to edit a post because I fudged it up

Yup, that’s true, forgot to mention that. I too remember having to wait for the edit function to work again.

Believe me , this little quirk has gone a long way towards freeing this forum from some nasty spamming .

Well worth the minor inconvenience .

Its essentially one post per 30 seconds. Its based on a premise that you cant be reading what youre responding too if you can post at a rate of more than 1 post every 30 seconds. By the time a page loads, you read it, type your response, you wouldnt be waiting long before the system resets and you can post again. Its rare that you hit that limiter, as youve discovered. You can hit it more often if you load each page in a tab, then go look at them and if they facilitate reading within a second or two, and you can type a quick response, or you answer all tabs, then proces them to sumit in sequence or something like that, youd hit the limiter more often.