WTS 3 Jacob A60

I may regret this in the future, but it’s time to spread the cheer:)
Here we have 3 Jacob A60’s that are box stock. They have been tested and work properly.
They generally draw 1.5-1.6 amps in stock condition and are a thrower.
They are not for indoor white wall shots, the beams look crappy indoors.
If you are not aware of the allure of this light, then by all means research the various threads here on BLF.

Please know what you are buying.
These are my personal overstock, they are NOS but are in boxes that are raggy.
I do not see any dings or pits in the anodization, but there may be small ones if you look hard enough.

Anyway I am selling them for $25 Each which includes Shipping, Insurance and Tracking via USPS to the Continental USA Only.
One per member, so more people get a chance to own one as they are long out of production and not being sold anywhere that I am aware of.
Paypal please and I do not charge extra for paypal.
Post here and PM me for paypal address.
I ship fast and pack well.


I will take one of these to practice mad-modding skills on! PM forthcoming.

I’ll take one, thank you.
PM incoming in a bit.

I’ll take the last one.

they rock stock

Damn im too late :slight_smile:

2nds if someone backs out

All sold and shipped out.

Got mine today. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it; I’d like at least 200k lux.