WTS 60 Laptop 18650 cells + 16650's, 18350's and battery trays

Ok, needing to free up some money to cover some bills that are due so selling some extra batteries I don’t need.

I purchased a bunch of 18350 cells when I was modding SRK’s with plan at the time to use 8 of them to power some XHP50’s. Well I then came out with the TA drivers that negated that need so they never ended up being used.

So now I have 8 brand new Efest purple button top 18350’s laying around that I know I will never use.

I am selling all 8 of them together for $30 shipped in the US or I will sell them individually for $4 + $3 shipping SOLD

I also have a few more cells I could sell, 2x flat top purple 18350’s and 2x button top red efest 18350’s. These have been used a fair amount but still work. I would sell these 4 together for $12 shipped

I have some efest purple 18500’s I might be talked into selling as well if someone wants them, just have not found a use for them as of yet. I have 4 of them but would like to keep 2 of them unless the price is right. Asking $12 shipped for both

I also have some rather hard to find 16650 laptop pulls. These are great for using in lights that were designed for 2x cr123’s.

I use them in some of my older solarforce lights but I just don’t need this many of them (I had over 100 at one time before weeding out the ones that were no good).

I have 4 of the 16650 I could sell, $15 for all 4 of them, shipped.

If someone wants some random laptop pulls I have about 60 or so laying around that I don’t have plans for. I would even include a battery holder tray with them in order to keep them contained in shipping.

These would be as is, all I know for sure is that they had over 2.5V when I pulled them out of the laptop packs and they have held a charge of some sort for over 6 months. I use these in all sorts of projects and low drain lights. Or anything that doesn’t have low voltage protection, that way I don’t have to worry about killing a good cell.

Contact me if you are interested in these.

Lastly those battery trays I mentioned, if anyone wants one I can make them for you. Cost is about $10 each + shipping.

You can see them in this picture, you can also see the 16650, 18350’s and some of the laptop pulls.:

I’ll take the 8 button top efests.

The button top 18350’s are sold. Everything else still available.