WTS: 7 Flashlight group...Towild, UTorch, Thorfire...

No batteries in them unless stated

Eagle Eye X1 warm tint
UTorch UT01 warm tint
Nitenumen X9 cool tint
Towild BC05 cool tint (battery in it) On button doesn’t light up(I think it is supposed to) but ofcourse the main led does
Thorfire TK05 cool
Thorfire TG06S neutral warmish tint
Sofrin SP32A neutral

6 new SkywolfEeye 14500s protected

Comes with what is seen in the picture

$41 ground ship to US Paypal confirmed shipping address lower 48 states.

eBay ID for feedback look: stardomains

I'll take em. PM incoming


Received package today. Very well packed and everything in excellent condition. Also included were a few nice extra items. Thank you very much chanamasala.

EDIT: I should say, excluding the cells. I don't want to imply these are good cells to the unknowing. Not that the cells were not in new condition. The looked untouched and were still in the original packing. It's just that the SkywolfEye 14500's are known to be junk. Discharge testing at 300mA showed 5 cells to have under 300mAh capacity. One cell did have a whooping 401mAh. This is not a problem as I didn't make this purchase for the cells. So I'm very happy with this purchase.