WTS: 7g5v2 aspheric & modded 4.32a 7g9

this is also posted of cpfm... please direct all inquiries to my email. jmpaul320 at gmail dot com

Up for sale are the following 2 flashlights

Crelant 7g9v2 with Collimator head. XML-U2 850 lumens. Bought new in may from md lightsource and it has been a shelf queen ever since. Turned it on and messed with it for about 20 minutes and havent used much more than that. Light is basically brand new. I paid ~112$ for this light. It now retails for $88. I am offering it for $78 shipped CONUS.NOW $74 NOW $67 If you need batteries I can include 2x sanyo unprotected 2600 mah 18650s for an additional $7. These cells only have 2-3 cycles on them and have been sitting in storage at ~3.7v for about a month.
Comes with retail packaging and everything shown in photo.

Function : High-low-Strobe

LED: CREE XML U2 Lifetime 50 000 Hours
Max Output: 850 Lumens @ 3A for 110 Minutes
Reflector: Smooth
Circuit: Step up and down constant current driver,with high efficiency dual mode DC-DC regulator (PWM / PFM)
Lens: Toughened ultra clear glass with AR coating
Body: Hard Anodized Type III Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy T6061-T6
Color: Black

Run Time by Battery Type
- 1x 18650 Li-ion 650 Lumen 60 Minutes
- 2x 18650 Li-ion Battery 850 Lumen 110 Minutes
Working Voltage: 2.75V to 12V
Waterproof: IPX-8, beyond 5m depth
Size: Head diameter 62mm, Length 251mm
Reflector: 58 mm diameter x 55 mm deep
Weight: 287 grams, excluding battery

Crelant 7g9 with vinh modified driver. H/M/L with memory. XML-U2 emitter. High is 4.32amps! Due to this lights mass it handles the extra heat from being over driven VERY well and I have run this light for 45-60 minutes on high with 3x aw 3100s. It gets warm as expected but not too hot to hold. Also - one of the major caveats of this lights production was the fact that it did not have a memory with the stock driver. The new driver has a memory and no annoying disco modes. Very intense and tight hotspot. Has to be the tightest hotspot from an XML I have seen. Tighter and more intense than a xml/rebel reflector mag setup! Runs 3x 18650 in parallel. Expect LONG runtimes on low.

New this stock light goes for ~$90. I paid $100 from vinh in August. Light is in excellent condition! Yours shipped for $90 CONUS. NOW $85 Comes with retail box and an extra o-right. Has a strike bezel as well.

As always an I'll take it follow by a prompt paypal payment to jmpaul320 at gmail dot com gets priority. I can usually get back to pms from my phone quickly if you have any questions. All lights ship with delivery confirmation within 1-2 business days of receiving a cleared paypal payment. I will email you with a tracking number after the light is shipped. International buyers please pm me if you are interested.


You mixed up the names. The fat one is 7g9. The skinny one is 7g5v2. Also the 7g5v2 doesnt have ar coated glass.

Those are very fair prices.

Please let me know if you are interested in selling the collimator head separately.

i copied the manufactures specs for the 7g5v2 - i will have to inspect the light when i get home to verify if the stock head has an ar coated lens or not.

if there is any interest i am open to offers - I can ship internationally for an additional $10

7g9 is spf … 7g9v2 is available and I am open to offers!

7g5v2 with collimator now $67 shipped conus $77 international :slight_smile:

Dang dang dang! If I had money I’d still be broke! Good luck w the sale. It should go quick now.


Bump so this will sell before I have to buy it. This is a really good deal.

OK I gotta make an offer. I can’t resist anymore. PM sent.

wow, i leave my computer for a few hours and i have 5 offers! light and collimator is sold pending funds!


I’ve had the v2 and collimator in my cart for an hour while reading threads about it. Soooo would have bought that combo for $67!