WTS: ALL SOLD....FT03s, Copper KR1, FT02s (xhp50 5700k)

  1. Hi there folks,
    Here are a couple of lights that I'm selling. Ask any questions you may have. All are functioning perfect, just time for them to move along. If you want one, please leave a post in the thread before Pm'ing me, makes it easier to identify who messaged me first about a particular light.

Thanks for stopping by!

SOLD --->Astrolux

FT02s (xhp50.2 5700k)

$50 $40

-Included: Molicel P42a 21700 Battery (Brand New)

- If you want the Molicel P42a, add $5

-excellent condition, not a scratch


FT03s (sbt90.2)

-Included: Molicel P42a 21700 Battery (Brand New)

-Like new, not a scratch


Copper KR1 (Osram W2.2 CULPM1)


-Included: Copper 18350 battery tube (New, can also be used on KR4 Titanium)

-Included: extra SS Bezel

-Starting to patina (see pictures)

-Amazing heat management!

All Lights are:
CONUS only
PayPal G&S only -buyer pays fee (https://thefeecalculator.com/)
Shipping with tracking- included in price

I’ll take the copper KR1.

Replied to personal message.

Thank you for checking the thread out!

Price drop on FT02s, removed included battery, and added it as an option instead (see listing)

FT03s and KR1 are being discussed in PM right now, will update thread ASAP whether they are available or not.

Kr1 and ft03s are sold.

still available

Astrolux FT02s (xhp50) 5700k
$45 (with molicel P42a)

I’ll take the FT02s + P42a

Ok, PM’ing you now Flightless22

Seconds on the FTO2s and battery.

FT02S is sold, thanks Flightless. Payment received.

Received the lights in 2 days flat! Solid seller.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks, pconig! Glad to hear you got them so quick!