WTS: Astrolux FT03, SST40 5000K, Anduril [UK/EU] - SOLD

Black FT03 in mint condition. Only pressed the magic button a few times so giving it up for a better home. The light’s been flashed with Anduril (r471 2020-05-03); essentially stock but blinks in middle ramp (when transitioning between regulated and unregulated) and switch LED stays the same brightness regardless of ramp. Also added a plastic disc between the driver and “flashing pad protector thingy” to stop it rattling as much.

Postage to UK preferable (EU possible but will incur additional postage cost).

£ SOLD incl Royal Mail Standard Delivery. Payment via PayPal (F&F) or Revolut.

Also could be open for trade but haven’t got anything particular in mind.


I have the same light, emitter with Anduril in blue, great budget outdoor light with some respectable throw and usable spill. The 5000k seems a bit warmer than the spec to me. The parasitic drain on the illuminated switch is negligible and makes it easy to find.

Hi, do you include the cell? If so, what type? Thanx

Does USB charging work with firmware Anduril?

not sure about hodors unit but mine works fine, switch light changes from red to green as well.

Sorry, no battery.

Yup, charging still works like normal.

I know some people don’t like Anduril so if required I can flash it back to NarsilM V1.3.

Also, price dropped.

PM sent