WTS: copper-sunk XM-L2, 7A tint

I bought the wrong emitter. Simple as that. It’s a Cree XM-L2 already flowed onto a 16mm copper SinkPAD. But it’s in the 3500K (7A) range, so “Warm-White”.

Pay for shipping and it’s yours. I will NEVER use this emitter, might as well pass it on to someone who will. It will come in the anti-static bag it shipped in.

Thanks for looking. :slight_smile:

Ill take it. Pm me the details and ill respond after 530est. Wow sweet actually caught a deal whuke at work! I always miss them!

Ill take it. Pm me the details and ill reply after work. First time I catch a deal while at work!

you just want to be sure you are the first!

Haha, congrats!

Thanks GT for your generosity. :slight_smile:

Ill use it! PM me the details and ill reply after work

Ill use it! PM me the details and ill reply after work

LOL! :smiley:

Wow my phone tricked me. It kept saying I didn’t post haha sorry for the triple or however many show.up post hahahha my bad

haha a fourth post! If you don’t get it, ill send you one, don’t worry anymore!

PM dispatched to Livinloud, he’s first in line.

Thanks, but it’s more practicality than anything else. It’s an incandescent-warm emitter, and the cost to ship it is as much as the emitter cost from China, I doubt anyone would pay 2x what it would cost from Intl-O or Fasttech, and like I said, I’m not going to use it. Throw it away or let someone else have it, I picked the latter.

Who says it doesn't pay to goof off at work?

he spent money buying the item, so technically goofing off didn’t pay :stuck_out_tongue:

haha goofing off is an understatement……I work my butt off and im happy to do it since i work for an amazing company that just paid for 23 of us to go to a 5 star resort for the weekend and bring our significant others……all expenses paid with activities planned :slight_smile:

My phone kept giving me an error since i was in the middle of the building. apparently they posted hahahhaha

Replying to PM now. Now to decide which host to put it in. hmmmmmm three or four im ripping apart now 8)