WTS Custom triple flashlight 3x18650 parallel

Custom mode flashlight on 3x18650 in parallel, which gives a very good margin of time.
At the core of flashlight - a powerful body with good ribs in the area of the head.


- Aluminum custom drop-in (pill), in which is installed optics. Pill on the thread is screwed in the head, that does not allow a side to crush the optics when tightening.

- Optics “Cute 3”;

- LEDs in combination 3xXPG2 - 2 neutral and 1 cold on custom board. The light temperature is a neutral (near 5000K);

- Max output luminous flux of ~ 1130 lumens;

- Pulsed buck driver AMD at 3 Amperes (3 mode - 40, 800, 3000 mA);

- Added an enlightened piece of glass, the button is replaced to Solarforce forward click ;

- In the 3x18650 cassette springs were replaced by steel and duplicating with copper wires;

  • Green afterglow in optics;

For more information on the driver:
Driver AVSel - swith-mode constant current buck driver for CREE LEDs;

- Extremely high efficiency (95-99%);

- Auto switching to linear mode at certain Vin/Vout difference to increase total efficiency;

- Smooth start;

- Battery level indicator. Inicialized by doubleclick, blinks 1 to 5 times depending on supply level (0.35s between clicks);

- 3 constant current modes. No strobe and SOS;

- Overdischarge protection(auto turn off at 2.75V);

- Auto switching to lower modes at critical discharge;

Package including:
Custom mode flashlight on 3x18650;
Battery cassette 3x18650;
Reserve forward clicky switch ;
Reserve glow in the dark (GITD) o-rings, tailcap;

Flashlight is in Russia, Saransk. Can ship to any adress.
Price: 200$ + 15$ shipping to any place at world = 215 USD in total.
Payment via PayPal only.

!http://cs418423.vk.me/v418423165/77d8/mc346hhXPU0.jpg ! !http://cs418423.vk.me/v418423165/77e1/gwAX6RNU6VM.jpg !
!http://cs418423.vk.me/v418423165/77e9/3mjcxbiXwIk.jpg ! !http://cs418423.vk.me/v418423165/77f1/GN20VdPI_gE.jpg !
!http://cs418423.vk.me/v418423165/77f9/FUzUIH3vel8.jpg ! !http://cs418423.vk.me/v418423165/7800/tWBTwTIw9LY.jpg !
!http://cs418423.vk.me/v418423165/7823/pkozih1XqmI.jpg ! !http://cs418423.vk.me/v418423165/7808/l-dILqYko04.jpg !
!http://cs418423.vk.me/v418423165/7811/zzXKFb8CzsI.jpg ! !http://cs418423.vk.me/v418423165/781a/nDhk9bmN8xk.jpg !


Wow, sooo great!

Thank you =)
On sale!

I am interested in those drivers.
Are these available or open source?

Same here, would be keen to know more. Could be a more efficient alternative to 7135 drivers right?

Hardware scheme is in my post, software - closed. You can contact with autor over his site ( http://led-driver.fonarevka.ru/english-version.html ), I think he can create drivers with some prepaid or another deal. And I give him link to this thread. :slight_smile:

here is link to this driver and contact with autors

Sorry for the off topic but awesome light and driver choice maybe a group by on those drivers ?

Another photos of drivers Показать сообщение отдельно - Драйвер V3 суперкомпакт. Изучение спроса.
And code source for software Драйвер для питания светодиодов CREE от 1 LiPo - V3 | Мастерская: МОНАРХ и AVSel

How much costed these drivers?

Welcome to BLF!

And UP!
Custom on sale! :slight_smile:

Hi )

They are $45 for one board plus $5 shipping for any quantity

For the moment we have one version for tactle and dozen for power switch (different mode order, with or without memory etc)

Interesting looking light. I’ve never seen one like that before.

45$ is not so budget as I thought…

Werner, сustoms flashlight or driver always costly.

Compare it to a nanjg for 3$ and an open source firmware….or maybe a better driver for 15$…but this is no way a good alternative to the nanjg drivers like I thought.
The 15mm would be good for a sk68 upgrade, but a 4$ light and a 50$ driver seems not so perfect…

Werner, you are comparing very different things.

Don’t misunderstand me I honor your work and I am sure the driver is good and has a superb efficiency. I am always glad to see some excellent modding from other people.

But I have a lot of budget flashlights, the ones which costed more than 50$ could be counted on one hand.
The high efficiency, small board design, and undervoltage protection would be perfect for tiny lights like the mini 01 or the 14500 zoomies…but these lights are all under 10$. So cost to value balance would not work anymore with such an expensive modding part. Also I think the material cost of this driver is very small, too.
So it is not the holy grail I thought it would be.
Maybe someone else has a different opinion.

Sorry alias for high jacking your thread.

Are you sure?

Well, AMC7135 cost cent or two, but one good inductance from WhiteBird cost more than whole Nanjng