WTS [EU] Noctigon DM11 SST20 4000K CRI95

Almost new (I’ve literally put one VTC6A’s worth of charge through it) grey Noctigon DM11, SST20 4000K CRI95, WW switch backlight, Andúril2.

I’m in the EU, can ship with GLS, DPD, DHL or national post, the original packaging fits into the smallest parcel bracket with all of those. I’m asking for 50€ plus shipping, roughly the price of a new one, though I’ve taken care of EU VAT and customs, and associated fees and delays. Payment via PayPal (G&S, I’ll bear the transaction cost) or bank transfer.

Full disclosure, the reason I’m selling it is the body tube texture. It’s not sharp, it doesn’t cause pain or excessive abrasion but it gives my hand sensory overload. It’s not sharp but tingly, so to speak. Otherwise it’s a great light, tested with a real delivery driver and passed. I personally love the notion of a high CRI thrower.

ETA: I’ve noticed in the first photo what appeared to be a chip in the anodising where the body tube meets the head. I’ve confirmed this to be a piece of unrelated matter. The light has seen no field use, it’s only been tested from the safety of a rooftop terrace.

m03da, I am not a candidate to buy this light, despite it looks amazing!

I am just going to give a suggestion, because of the tube textures, in case you want to keep the flashlight.

Maybe you can get some paracord or mini paracord and wrap the battery tube in such a way that it diminishes that feeling of “sensory overload”. At the same time, you can even use that to make a lanyard to hold the flashlight. There are lots of suggestions and paracord works out there! You can even try some thin leather wrapping too.

It is just a suggestion, of course and sorry if this doesn’t fit in the thread. :+1:

Thank you for the suggestion, I was actually meaning to try wrapping the tube in paracord but in the end decided against it because it would probably quickly get greasy and nasty from skin oils and general gunge. Have you done that previously with a light that sees regular field use?

Hum, I never did it on a flashlight because normally I don’t issues with the knurling to the point you described . It is a possibility that it will get dirty and greasy, yes, but it is also sure that it won’t cause you so much discomfort.

If paracord is not a good option. maybe pick a bit of leather.
I did it in my OL Contest of 2019, process described here (MascaratumB’s entry – Old Lumens Contest 2019 - Modified Light Category [FINISHED on 8th February 2020] - #50 by MascaratumB)

Maybe this is a better option, since leather will not get so greasy, eventually.