WTS: Fenix TK75 2015 [SOLD]

Only used one week. Has all accessories and case. $80.00 Paypal. CONUS.


I’ll take it

Got a good deal there djburkes!

I know right :+1:

I’ve been wanting one to mod for a while now.

Well, that means you need to share your mod when its finished :wink:
Best of luck with the mod!

Excellent deal for you !

Prepare your self for a mod that is gone be not simple , but doable.., some time ago I found the courage to do it to my TK 75 , and I was very close to give up from the begin , when I had BIG problems with the bezel (mine was glued with some red compound)...Leds dedomed and driver modded gave to this light an other life !!!

If you need help, on BLF are a lot of posts about , but I can share with you some of my " deja vu " on this light ! Be confident , have patience , and do no compromises !Ask for help if you need , is no shame , here the people are good and ready to back you up .., as you already know !

Good luck !

Hey dj, care to share the purposed mod to this light? I also have a spare of this light, and am considering options.

I plan on putting dedomed XM-L2 U4 1A leds in it to start with and maybe a resistor mod.

A mod by Zeremefico : What did you mod today? - #1629 by zeremefico

Stock leds dedomed + Resistor mod (i think one extra R100 stacked) = 313kcd