WTS. Fireflies ROT66v, E07,D4s, blf gt mini

Hello i have following lights for sale… US only. PayPal ok.

Fireflies rot66vn. Samsung 4000k led. $90 now, $100shipped
Fireflies e07 gray. Xpl hi 6500k. $60 shipped . Sold
Emisar d4s grey… xpl hi 5000k. $50 shipped. Sold
Blf gt mini xhp 35 hi 6500k. $25 shipped. Sold

Pm sent

Sorry… d4s and mini gt were sold per PM…

I will take E07.

PM sent.

Next for e07 if it falls through :smiling_face:

All lights shipped… I reduced rot66vn Samsung 4000k led to $90 shipped…

Maybe you should give details on what Vinh did to it

Specs would help in $ELLING the light.