WTS : Flashing adapters for Attiny1616 drivers (Sofirn/Wurkkos/Firelylite)

USB-C (C to C compatible) flashing adapters for Attiny1616 drivers (and other Attiny 1 series) using Gchart 3 flashing pad layout, this include new lights from sofirn and wurkkos like SP10 pro, LT1S, EC06, TS10, but also older models that are now updated with the T1616 like the SC31 PRO, also the new Fireflylite Lume drivers (black PCB) and my drivers as well once they are available.

It is based on Gchart’s adapter with additional pads for wiring a different pogo pin key or soldering wires, and a right angle LED for illuminating the pads area (his idea) :

Price is 12€ internationnal untracked shipping included, please send a MP if you are interested.
But if you are in the US please get it from Gchart instead.
For Australia : @TimMc

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How to use :

On Windows (AVRDUDESS) :

  1. Download AVRDUDESS and execute avrdudess.exe
  1. in ”programmer” select SerialUPDI, for the COM port open Windows Device Manager and check the COM port for the CH340 adapter.
  1. in ”MCU” select Attiny1616
  1. in ”Flash” select your .hex file, place the pogo pins on the pads then hit ”go”.

On Android (ZflasherAVR) :

  1. Download ZflasherAVR
  1. on top select SerialUPDI.
  1. ”MCU” Atinny1616, ”memory” flash, ”action” write.
  1. select your .hex file, place the pogo pins and hit ”go”.
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Thank you very much! Maybe someone can organize a group buy from individual countries.

While AVRDUDESS works under Linux and macOS as well, I’d like to add some more Linux tutorials.

In any case make sure you have read/write permissions for the serial port (/dev/ttyUSB0 in this example).


  1. Use AVRDUDESS and the Windows tutorial.

On Linux (AVRDUDE):

  1. Install avrdude
  2. Run from a terminal:
    avrdude -p t1616 -c serialupdi -P /dev/ttyUSB0 -U flash:w:firmware-file.hex:a

On Linux (pymcuprog):

  1. Install pymcuprog
  2. Run from a terminal:
    pymcuprog -d attiny1616 -t uart -u /dev/ttyUSB0 write --erase --verify -f firmware-file.hex

Well I usually go with PayPal but I’m open to other options. PayPal has no fee with F&F in Euro but it should probably not be abused or they might flag my account ? With goods and services fees are ~0.8~1€ depending on location/currency.

Thanks for the Linux instructions, I’ll put then in the second post.
For AVRDUDESS they mention that Mono has to be used, not sure what are the exact steps for that.

Install mono with the package manager and then run

mono --arch=32 avrdudess.exe

But the native command line versions are simple enough and maybe easier. For AVRDUDE the latest release is required, but maybe not included in your distribution yet.

Thank you so much for making these available, I would like to buy one.

In for one

I am interested in one

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Thank you for offering this. Do you know if this can flash the Sofirn SP36 that has exposed flashing pads like this? I’m not sure why the SP36 has more pads than other lights.


Interesting driver revision… Again a special pad layout. Looks like they have exposed all eight pins of the t85.

No, you will need a different adapter and programmer for that driver.

I would also like to buy one!

That was the daily limit for PMs, sb56637 increased it. PMs have been sent to everyone.

no and I do not recommend the learning curve to reflash an SP36.

but, if you are interested in reading up on all the details involved, here is a good place to start

This post describes how to reflash the various different versions of the SP36

btw, what is your objective for reflashing an SP36? what feature are you looking to add or change?

whatever it is, I suggest you just hire a competent modder with the tools and experience to do it for you.

again, imho, the learning curve to reflash an SP36, is not worth your time… its a majorly complex endeavor

also, the flashing tool discussed in this thread, ships from France… it does not make a lot of sense to order internationally when you could order from gchart, in USA…

in any case, the device pictured, has 3 contiguous pins, it works great on the TS10 and SP10 Pro… but imo, there is no reason to reflash either of those lights… just enjoy them as they are

Get an USBASP and solder wires according to the pinout shown in this thread : Guide: how to flash ATtiny13a based drivers (NANJG, QLITE, etc.) with custom firmware

I would like to get two, one for me and one for a friend of mine … do you do a PM or should i send one to you ?! Thanks for your workmanship !

Sorry I think I don’t have enough pogo pins left to make more adapters, I need to order some, will probably take 2 weeks to arrive.