WTS: Flashlight E2C adapters.

WTS: Vital Gear E2C adapters. Black, Hard Anodized 6061 aluminum. **$13ea.** Free USA shipping for any quantity.

Attaches an E body to a C bezel or head. i.e.: Attaches a Surefire E1E, E2L, E1B and similar body to a Surefire Z44 bezel, KL4 head, any head that fits on a Surefire 6P body. Converts “E series threads to ”C” series threads. Allows for use of a P60/D26 LED drop-in on an E body flashlight. Just add the head bezel (Surefire part # Z44) from any Surefire P/G/C/Z Series flashlight, and you’re good to go! $13ea.
Wholesale inquiries welcome.

Lots more available.

April, 2021. More available.

More available.

June 2022, Still some available.

More available!

Plenty available. Discount for forum members.

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More available. How about $12 ea?