[WTS] FW3A Damast & Mokume Sealed @170 USD each

Need to let go my collection due to current situation.

FW3A Damast (Never carried out, try once or twice then go back to the box) FW3A Dmast
FW3A Mokume (Still sealed) FW3A Mokume

Trying to sell out one of it, and what left will be stay with me ( I still want to have them :D)

Each priced USD 200, exclude shipping from Indonesia, Can ship anywhere

Reduced to 170 USD each

Up :slight_smile:

Up reduced price to 170 each, all must go

Nicha 3K?

I just know that it has Nichia emitter

None of the links work for me

Hmmm strange, it works on me, let me share you the link

this link shows the Nichia option is 4000k

they work, or do not work for me, depending which browser I use

in any case, here are his pics:

good luck with the sale jerow23

Thanks @jon_slider for helping me showing the picture

Hello Hello, anyone want these beauty?

PM sent on Damascus FW3A