WTS/GB: [4000k ARRIVED, Test Report's In] GT-FC40 (a.k.a. XHP70's flattop, 12v 40w sister) 95 CRI, Available in 4000k, 5000k

I am interested.

Does it work with H2-C?

Yes, it does work with H2-C.

As always, you may need to bypass your host’s terminal to reduce contact resistance.

Lumintop GT3 would make a nice host for GT-FC40:

12V TA driver stock…

Though a little expensive.


I'd rather go with Convoy M21C-U and ask Hank from Intl-Outdoor to buy K1 12V driver if ramping is desirable.

Or as i did, M21C host, Convoy XHP35 driver and FC40 paired together in an awesome combo.

Naiv question: The R50 pro only uses 6V XHP70, correct? I imagine a domeless LED would give it the missing throw.

Don’t own the pro since it’s inferior in this regard, but if there was a nicely tinted, throwy LED, I’d be tempted.

GT-FC40 is 12V and if R50 is running on 12V then you could swap emitters without problems.

But if it's 6V then you won't light it up with FC40.

Unless you are talking about shaving the dome on the present LED installed in R50, then yes, you will get more throw

A4 bin 2x, A5 bin 1x.

In the event the A5 bin won’t become available for a long while, then A4 bin 3x.

Thanks to zak.wilson i have made another great host even better.

Thrunite T2 is now highly desirable item

I just realised i’m running out of FC’s O_O

Looks great.

I just want to mention that the glass lens on my T1 added arround 0.0020 duv, have you tried without the lens to see if there was any difference ?

Mine is coated with Joshk miracle paint called “green delete” :)

Aaaand with this build i actually used all of them.

So...payment sent for 3ea, tracked shipping.


How can the Thrunite T2 modded with this led? Is the XHP70 from the stock light circuited for 12V?

Edit: never mind, found the answer in another conversation: yes it is used at 12V configuration :slight_smile:

I just discovered it’s 12V today after my second attempt at getting the bezel off. My thoughts went immediately to this emitter, and I just paid for three of them.

Ah ok then, but if the lens is doing +0.0020 then paint say –0.0020 then it’s like using a good lens but with light losses along the way.

I haven’t noticed output drop with this paint as Joshk also confirmed. Maybe after 2-3 or more coatings but not with thin 1 layer i have. It’s not like Lee filters...

I JUST ordered a T2 and GT-FC40s to do this exact same mod. AND I plan on using my Green Delete too. How did you manage to get yours apart? And how is the output relative to stock?

I’m very excited to get mine done!

I am very inspired by this T2 mod too, having had three of the LED’s lying around for a couple of months.

Does anyone know if the 12v driver in the T1 will drive this LED at less output in comparison with the driver in the T2?

One 4000K please, if still available

If I remember correctly it is 1A. I don’t know exactly about the T2, but zeroair measured 4000 vs 1600lm, so it’s much higher.

The T1 uses a XHP50.2 though, a 7070 LED wont fit with the stock reflector.

4000k is up for ordering and there’s quite an amount left. You can pick & choose the shipping method (in the other thread mentioned in the OP) then make payment.