WTS/GB: [4000k ARRIVED, Test Report's In] GT-FC40 (a.k.a. XHP70's flattop, 12v 40w sister) 95 CRI, Available in 4000k, 5000k

If I remember correctly it is 1A. I don’t know exactly about the T2, but zeroair measured 4000 vs 1600lm, so it’s much higher.

The T1 uses a XHP50.2 though, a 7070 LED wont fit with the stock reflector.

4000k is up for ordering and there’s quite an amount left. You can pick & choose the shipping method (in the other thread mentioned in the OP) then make payment.

Thanks for this info thefreeman. I am right in thinking that you have modded a T1 with this LED? And if so, did you order the correct gasket separately?

No I have modded one with quad E21A but not this 7070 LED.

Okay good to know. Will buy a T2 for the mod then.

Oveready V4 with LuxRC engine (triple 219B sw40 by Azhu)

OR is on MAX 21W setting and T2 on HIGH (not Turbo)

Almost the same.

Here is evident why i’m constantly saying it’s 4500K-ish instead of 4000K. :)

Definitely ~4500 in hot spot with reflector ^


Thx Curtis!

Almost. No LED can match 219B

Does anyone know of a suitable MCPCB and TIR to mod an Olight M2R Warrior Pro with this LED?

They already come on a 12V mcpcb you could sand down (if needed) but finding a TIR that small with such a big LED opening is probably unobtanium.

I thought the TIR might be an issue. A pity though, I quite like the M2R Pro and I would love it with a good LED.

KD got a few 80 and 90 CRI XHP35’s but who knows how good they are.

I already put one of those 90 CRI ones in my M2R Pro. They are loads better than the original, but not as good as this LED.

Damn it. This just put the T2 on my wish list.

I’m wondering if there are any optics suitable for this emitter and other xhp35 lights like the M300 and Klarus E3. The E3 is particularly attractive to me in form factor as a slim 21700, deep carry, and tail switch design.

I sent Maukka 2pcs 4000k in the production batch for him to test, and here's the report for both pieces:

Summary: Slightly above BBL, but not wildly out of control. This report suggests that the stock I have is very different than the ones tested in the L6 FC-40 thread.

At 3 A: +0.0015/+0.0019

At 1A: +0.0023/+0.0026

Note: The sample is presumed to be tested without lens. Most AR-coated lens will bump the duv values by about +0.0020.

Where we can get datasheet? Thats from FC60 datasheet, but im pretty sure its the same because both rated same 12-14V.

I have my own FC-40 datasheet, but it's for the regular 70 CRI parts. The voltage curve should still be similar, though it's rather sketchy.

Okey, so you have datasheet, why just dont move it to the first post?

Does anyone know of a good 12V e-switch boost driver, like 25-26mm ish in size? I want to put one of these in an Astrolux FT02 XHP70.2 version, but the driver is dead and I can’t get one from Mateminco.