WTS/GB: NICHIA 219B NVSL219BT-V1 R9080 EMITTERS! sw45k, sw40, sw35, sw30

The sw40 I offer doesn’t have a violet tint. If you’re seeing violet, it’s most likely due to the coating on the glass lens.

Personally I don’t think the lower output is significant. Most of the time, I use my lights for close to medium range work and don’t require a huge wall of light or throw so lumens is less important and CRI is more desirable for me. Depending on your usage, that might vary.

How come in the OP, you have SW40 DUV at –0.0031 and 0.0007?

They were two different tests. –0.0031 was done by another member and 0.0007 was done by me.

I wonder why the huge difference.

I will take 25 of the sw30.

Possibly a different setup. Bare emitter readings can be different from reading it through an optic or reflector.

I assume you tested with optic/reflector since bare emitter is always rosier.

Yeah. Tool AA with some dcfix. I wouldn’t say it’s super scientific. Just a general idea of the CCT and where it is broadly on the BBL.

Got some sw45k’s in the mail today, super fast shipping to TX. Put one in my titanium Tool AA:

Here’s the sw45k:

And the 219B 4000K d200 that it replaced:

Fun stuff! Thanks azhu! :nerd_face:

Why didn’t you like the sw40? It looks less magenta. Where did you buy that sw40?

I liked it just fine, I just wanted to see what the sw45k looked like in this light. That sw40 was from Illumn.

Put one of the sw45k’s in my Streamlight ProTac 2L-X for fun. I had an LH351D in there which I think I prefer for the larger hot spot and brighter beam. However, it’s kind of a pain to solder the leads back on once the star is seated, so this will probably stay for a bit before I swap it back.

Tool AA 2.0 sw45k:

Streamlight ProTac 2L-X sw45k:

That’s a lot of equipment!

That’s not even a fraction of it lol. It’s a playground, and where I cut my teeth on more involved electronics repair. One of the perks is having a great place to tinker on my own stuff such as flashlight mods. :smiley:

I went ahead and put the LH351D back in the streamlight; it was worth seeing what it was like, but I’d rather use these 219B’s on other lights.

UPDATE: sw35 and sw45k are now back in stock. sw30 is still low.

j_mcsquare swapped some of my emitters into his LT1 and results compared to stock are pretty nice. Thanks Jack!

Link to images are here on imgur

I would like,

8 sw30
8 sw35
3 sw45k

please and thank you.



If you’re on lockdown and want to learn to reflow your own emitters, now is the time :slight_smile: